Challenge #01 The Phorid Fly

The Challenger: Ben

The Mysterious Theologian: Chase

The Phorid Fly. Don’t let this benign image fool you!  The Phorid Fly’s most endearing characteristic is that some “species reproduce by laying eggs in the thorax of the ant. The first instar larvae migrate to the head. The larvae develop by feeding on the hemolymph, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue in the head. Eventually, the larvae completely devour the ant’s brain, causing it to do nothing but wander aimlessly for approximately two weeks. After about two to four weeks, they cause the ant’s head to fall off by releasing an enzyme that dissolves the membrane attaching the ant’s head to its body. The fly pupates in the detached head capsule, requiring a further two weeks before emerging.” –Wikipedia.

Have fun, Chase!
Look for Chase’s response on Ash Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Challenge #01 The Phorid Fly

  1. anything that can defeat fire ants, I am for it. You ever been bitten by one ? They leave a scar. The bite hurts a lot. Are you familiar with that poem. God puts on His overalls and gets dirty running the universe, and serveral others we know nothing about.

  2. I am now interested in What is the ecological purpose of the fly ? Just to kill these ants? I know God had a purpose for everything he made!

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