Response #31 Shower Scum


Mysterious Theologian: Chase

Scummy God, I often wonder where you are, where you’ve been, and when you’re gonna get here and do something about all this! Today you have been revealed to me in shower scum, soap scum, and hard water residue. Thank you God, for being so sticky, grimy, and cruddy. I feel your presence in the cup from my first communion and in the Bibles I have collected over the years. I feel you stuck to me and my life through the pictures of friends and family that come, with their blessings and burdens, along with me from house, to apartment, to house, to… When I consider these things I am comforted and bemused, because everywhere I go there is scummy residue in the sinks, and everywhere I go you come too. Thank you God.


One thought on “Response #31 Shower Scum

  1. Thanks for the reminder about soup scum and all of the other ways God is present in the grit!

    Yesterday at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Dr. Larry Rasmussen reminded us of Luther’s remarks about cabbage soup: “Luther, in a letter to Zwingli on the real presence of Jesus Christ in the sacrament, writes that “God is as present in your cabbage soup as in the sacrament. The difference is that God is hidden in the soup and revealed in the sacrament.” – Read the rest of his amazing remarks about “God/Theology/Ethics/Sacramental Imagination” in the Anthropocene at:

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