Response #35 Dog Breath

Mysterious Theologian: Ben McKelahan

Chase challenged me with dog breath, so here it goes, with a picture of my mom’s dog to go with it!

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Prayer to Holy Spirit in Dog Breath

Hail Dog, full of loyalty,

Blessed are you among pets, and blessed is the breath of your mouth,

for you despise nothing found on the floor,

Not crumbs that fall from my table,

Nor vomit that you puked yourself.

All finds a home in your mouth and fuels the bouquet of your breath.

And whether I have slept in and failed to give you your walk,

Or rolled on the floor laughing,

Or collapsed in tears,

Your tongue finds me with stinky kisses.

And in the stench of the mouth that loves me,

You remind me that the attention of your licks is given not just to me,

But also to the scraps that I did not want,

 And the trash my city did not bother to clean from the street.

Breath of the Living Dog,

Breathe on me now,

And at the hour of despair.


Challenge:  Chase, as I prepare for the various Holy Week events that are happening at my apartment, I move my furniture around.  When I do so, I find lots and lots of clumps of dust and hair.  So tell me, where is God in the dust bunnies that I chase?

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